User Guide to Creating a Mix

User Guide to Creating a Mix

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Step 1: Download

Currently the app is only available on iOS with a desktop lite version. If you don’t have an iOS you can still play along on desktop!

  1. Download Mix for iOS: App Store

  2. Sign up for Mix on Desktop:

PRO TIP #1: The iOS experience rocks for discovery (can’t resist the swipe!) but the desktop version is where most of our influencers do the heavy lifting when it comes to curating Mixes.

Step 2: Get acquainted

The more you use Mix, the better we’ll get at queueing up articles we think you’ll like. You can swipe through content in Top for You, Explore Mixes and People right on your homepage.

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Step 3: Start Mixing

A Mix is a collection of articles around a topic you’re passionate about (like a Pinboard but instead of images, its articles!). Click the “MIX” button to add it to one of your Mixes. Follow other people’s Mixes to see more content from them!

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PRO TIP #2: Try these Mixing Tools to help you add links quickly and easily:

1. Log into your account on desktop and add via the orange + sign in the top right. 

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Copy and paste the URL and hit "Post".  Next you can select or create a Mix for the page -  here is where you can also add comments and tag people simultaneously. Like this: 

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2. Add the Chrome Extension for Desktop - with the chrome extension you can save links from anywhere on the web.

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3. Enable the iOS Mix extension to upload content from your phone!

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Get Inspired! Dive into some killer Mixes to get your creative juices going. 
@thegarsowtwins: Beauty

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PRO TIP #3: Curate Winning Mixes, every time.

  • Mix Titles: Add some pizazz to encourage engagement.

    • Street Style Stilettos vs. Fashion 

    • Fountain of Youth vs Beauty

  • Variety is Key: Curate content from around the web not just from your site
      • A good Mix includes content from a number of different sources - we love to see pages from your site/blog however try to limit to 2-3 pages per Mix

      • 8-10 pages per Mix looks the best on desktop, but you can add as many as you’d like

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