Update: A NEW way to Mix

Update: A NEW way to Mix

It’s HERE! We’ve made it even easier to share and save the things you like! With one click of the orange plus button, posts can now be mixed and added to your profile page. Consider your Mix profile the home base for all your favorite internet finds.

Posts you mix will be shared with your friends, followers and the community. You can see Mixed posts from people you follow in your Following tab and posts mixed by others in your For You feed.

Can I still add posts to collections?

Yes! Curated collections are the backbone of Mix. You can add a post to a collection by mixing the post, then clicking the checkmark. This will pop up a window that lets you find an existing collection or create a new one. (1).gif

Why Mix the things you like?

Together, we can help make the internet a little smaller and bubble up the hidden gems of the web. 

  • Mixing a post tells us what interests you and it helps us learn what you like, allowing us to recommend more content we think you might like from the community. 

  • Curating the best of the web takes a village, mixing helps you surface the best links, reads, and pages to others. 

  • Mixed posts appear under your profile to easily access at any time.

Why did we make this update?

In talking with many of our Mixers, we heard that having to categorize all their posts into collections was a sometimes difficult task. We hear you and agree. Sometimes when you find something you like, you just want to give it a thumbs up or some love. Think of the Mix button as your stamp of approval and way to showcase your favorites.

Have feedback?

We’d love to hear it. Email us at

Add a Mix Button to Your Browser

Add a Mix Button to Your Browser

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