Publisher RSS Guidelines

Publisher RSS Guidelines

The RSS guidelines below will allow you to seamlessly upload your articles, videos, and more onto Mix to make your best content discoverable to our community.

Following the guidelines outlined here will ensure that your content is delivered on Mix. These recommendations are based on open Internet standards and best-practices.

RSS Guidelines

Mix will use your website’s RSS Feed to add URLs into collections. Collections are content organized by topic or interest that users can subscribe to.  In general, any reasonable RSS feed will work well on Mix. However there are some best-practices to ensure that your article summaries look good, and that the content you create is easily processed and analyzed by our content recommendation systems.

Optimizing your RSS feed for Mix:

Your RSS feed should include the following fields before being submitted:

At the channel level, include:

  • <title> the name of your feed

  • <link> the feed’s URL

  • <description> a short sentence describing the content of the feed

  • <language>  the language the feed is written in, using ISO-639 language codes and optionally  ISO-3166 country codes – examples include “en”, “fr”, “en-CA”, and “fr-FR”

For each item in the feed, you need to include the following so your content displays correctly in layout view:

  • <title> title of the item, where any special HTML characters should be encoded.

  • <link> url of the item. It is preferred that the domain name of the host in the url should match the domain for the rss feed itself.

  • <description> the excerpt for the article. It should generally contain 300 or more characters to provide an attractive, informative summary. Note that the amount of excerpt text that displays in the app may differ for each article depending on visual layout considerations.

  • <pubDate> the publication date of the article, compliant with the combined ISO 8601 format or the RFC822 standard, including a time zone.

  • <guid>a unique id for this entry in the feed (can be the item URL).

  • <dc:creator> the author(s) of the article.

  • <enclosure> use this tag to add a media element that will be used in layout view to illustrate your article. It can be an image or a video. For videos, mobile-friendly mp4 format is strongly preferred. For images, prefer a high-resolution image; the smallest dimension should not be under 500px.

  • Optional: <category> you can specify a topic that describes the article.

In addition, your feed should generally contain at least the 20 most recent items from your website.

Best Practices

  • Feed must not require a password to view.

  • Use clean and consistent URLs. Use the same URLs used when posting on Twitter, Facebook, or social networks.

  • Whenever possible, avoid redirects on your feed and article URLs.

Content Accessibility

Mix uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, so please make sure that your web servers are not blocking the AWS IP range.

RSS Feed Troubleshooting

If you are getting an error message when adding a feed to a magazine:

  • Ensure you have the correct feed URL. Make sure there are no extra spaces before or after the url. Open the feed in a browser window first, then copy the URL. This will remove any strange spaces or characters as well as any redirects.

  • Make sure that your feed and the URLs it contains all work well in a web browser, with no missing or broken links.

  • Your website or feed domain might be blocking Mix in your robots.txt file. Make sure that your website and feed domain’s robots.txt allows the user-agents “Mix” or “MixProxy” to crawl your content.

If you aren’t seeing the latest article in your RSS feed in your Mix collection:

  • After you post content to your RSS feed, please wait at least 6 hours to see if an article appears in your Mix profile.

  • Ensure that the RSS feeds in your collection contain new content.

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