RSS Feed for Publishers

RSS Feed for Publishers


We’re excited to launch our RSS feed integration for publishers. Select partners on Mix can now easily build out their profiles and have their stories, articles, and videos discovered by our incredible, engaged community on Mix.

Top reasons to get on Mix:

1. It’s easy and effortless to build a profile

Publisher partners can now plug in their RSS feeds and build out a content profile on Mix! Connect each RSS feed to the Mix collection where you want the content to be added. Next, they get indexed by Mix, tagged, and distributed across our platform for users to discover.

2. Evergreen content & long-tail curation

As Mix connects users to content based on the things they’re most passionate about. “Mixers” can re-discover articles, videos, webpages, and any links from around the web well-after the initial buzz or post in a social feed. On Mix people can save and share content the like into collections, this will continue to fuel If you’re looking to give your content a shelf-life, Mix is an easy addition to your content strategy.

3. Connect people with their passions

On Mix, you’ll be able to create collections that represent different interests and topics that make up your publisher DNA. Add an RSS to create subtopics that people can choose to follow, like tech, space, and science. Mixers can choose the things they love and browse through specific, niche topics — as opposed to overly generic interests. This means interest-generating content is optimized to appear in front of the right people. You could reach an audience who may have never found your content otherwise!

So, how do I become a publishing partner and get access to the RSS feature?

First step is claiming your publisher username, sign up for Mix!

If you get a reply that your username is already taken, contact us using the form below and we’ll see if we can make it available.

Next, we’ll need to verify your account and grant you RSS access. For access, email us directly at or fill out the form below!

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Help make Mix: Join our community forum!

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