Getting Started: Mix Extension

Getting Started: Mix Extension

Escape your feed and discover the most interesting parts of the web using the Mix browser button.

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Getting started:

Add the Mix extension to your browser - currently available for Chrome or Firefox. 

Create your Mix profile

Create a profile to personalize the recommendations you see from Mix. Easily navigate back from the Mix toolbar or on the web. Next, select a few topics related to things you’re into like cooking or architecture.


Uncover the hidden gems

Once you’re in, hit the orange play button to see a stream of articles, photos, videos, podcasts, or anything else other people have found interesting. 

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Save and share the links you love

Using the + you can save the links you like to your Mix profile or add into shareable lists like “All Things Brain” or “Space

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Bubble up the best of the web

Hit the Mix icon in your browser to open up your Mix toolbar to add and share your favorite pages to Mix from anywhere around the web.

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