Curators Unite! Weekly Content Contributor Themes

Curators Unite! Weekly Content Contributor Themes


We're working on surfacing the best collections to our users wherever we can -- our homepage, in our popular feed and with personalized recommendations throughout Mix.

To drum up some of the best of the best we're going to be calling on our best users (ahem...YOU) to share their unique collections. Each week we’ll share a theme (in the newsletter and FB?) and top five collections will be featured front and center.

This week’s curator theme: Your Thing!

What’s your latest thing? Whether you started reading up on effective organization skills, on a tear posting new whole30 recipes, or forever intrigued by how the brain works, add your favorite finds to a collections on Mix to bubble up hidden gems, inspire others, or just to save for yourself!

Need an example using this theme?

Glad you asked! Hi! Joanne here. I’m the community person here at Mix and I can’t stop talking about the Whole30 (insert eye-roll) from everyone I know. It’s my latest thing! I’ve been adding all my favorite recipes, reads, and advice to stay inspired and full to my Whole30 collection. Feel free to subscribe so I can fill your following feed with all things about clean eating…until I need cheese back in my life.

How to submit or share your collection with us?

We’ll announce weekly themes on Mondays in our Mix Curator group. You can submit your collection by commenting on theme announcement.

Not into Facebook groups? You can also submit your collection using this form.

What happens next?

We’ll pick 5 collections each week to featured on our homepage and highlighted across Mix and shout out the winners on Fridays.

Happy Mixing!

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