MixMaker Spotlight: Meet Dileiny!

MixMaker Spotlight: Meet Dileiny!

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We're so excited to shine the spotlight on the Dileiny Rodriguez this week. She’s our go-to for easy-to-follow style tips and creator of Love Fashion & Friends. Get the scoop on what inspires her daily and the ONE tool she can’t live without.

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What inspired you to do what you're doing now: 

Women at my office always made comments about my appearance and style like, "It must take you forever to get ready in the morning!" And I used to think but it really doesn't! The comments and question happened so frequently that I knew I had to share my style tips. I share easy-to-follow style tips for the woman on the go. The emails and comments from my readers continue to inspire me daily, helping women look good and feel good about themselves is an amazing opportunity to have. 

What's the best advice you've ever received? 

Never give up, I know that seems so simple but it means everything!

Is there a blogger that you admire? 

There are so many amazing bloggers out there its hard to pick. If I had to pick one it would be Sincerely Jules, she's a big-time blogger, I'm sure she's on everyone's list. 

What tool if any do you love to help you crush the blogging game? 

My best tool is my planner and highlighter! (lol!) All of my events, publishing dates and shoot dates-- its all in there. My planner helps me get things done and my highlighter helps me feel accomplished (I'm old school). 

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Keep up with her favorite posts: @lovefashionfriends

When we’re not waiting for her latest post to hit Mix, we love catching her latest looks on Insta too: @lovefashionfriends

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