Mix: A Better Way to Internet

Mix: A Better Way to Internet


Mix is a personal content discovery engine that combines machine learning and human curation. The Mix browser button lets you unlock more of the internet by surfacing the best reads hand-picked by our editors and people in the Mix community - not by tricky algorithms.

Add the Mix extension to your browser for a better way to internet. Click your preferred browser to get started.

Other features we love:

The Share Button: Easily share your favorite finds with friends on and off Mix. Direct share makes it easier to start a conversation about a relevant or new topic.

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The Profile Button: Anything you add or save to Mix will have a home on your profile. You can go back to reference a quote or finish reading something when you have more time.

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You can hit the Next button at anytime to find a new recipe, conversation starter, career advice, or even the meaning of life.

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Add the Mix Extension to Your Browser

Add the Mix Extension to Your Browser