Make Mix Yours: What is the "For You" Feed?

Make Mix Yours: What is the "For You" Feed?

Mix is where you discover the best of the internet. Curate and share links you love, and explore recommendations from your friends and experts you trust. Our Make Mix Yours series goes over common questions to help you make the most out of Mix.

So... what's the difference between the “For You” feed and the “Explore” feed?

Your “For You” feed is curated for you based on your interests, and people and collections that you follow on Mix. Your “Explore” feed shows you what’s trending — you can choose to see what’s popular across all of Mix or just for people you follow.

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Improve your recommendations.
Don’t like what you see on your For You feed? Not to worry! We’ve got a few easy ways to improve what you see (and we’re working on more):

  • Edit your Interests on Mix (find out how to here).

  • Follow collections you like.

  • Follow people whose recommendations you trust.

  • Add to your collections.

The more content you save and people you follow, the more Mix learns what you like to show you even more personalized recommendations.

Subscribe to specific collections from people.
Do you really love your friend’s collection about cooking but not so much their taste in movies? You can follow specific collections by going to a user’s profile, clicking on the Collections tab, then selecting which collections you’re interested in by clicking the orange plus icon.

Share your Mix profile or collections with friends.
Show off your collections and what you're doing on Mix by sharing your collections on social or encourage people to follow you on Mix on your blog. Tell your friends about Mix and give them your profile link, or add a Mix badge to your site.

Any more questions? We’re always here to help. Email us and we’ll be in touch.

NEW One-Click Discovery Button on Mix

NEW One-Click Discovery Button on Mix

What's New with Mix?

What's New with Mix?