Curator Spotlight: Meet Kahlil Crawford

Curator Spotlight: Meet Kahlil Crawford


We're super excited to introduce one of favorite MixMCs Kahlil Crawford!

Kahlil has participated in online communities since 1996. His first community was MW-Raves hosted by Hyperreal. He later joined Craigslist while it was still in its infancy. After the dotcom bubble burst circa 2001, Kahlil withdrew from online communities until the rise of social media circa 2007. Since then, he has remained active in multiple communities and is super-excited about Mix!

Why do you like Mix?

I love Mix because I love organizing and sharing information. Mix’s simplicity makes it super-fun and it’s aesthetics are sophisticated enough to keep things interesting. 

What inspires your collections?

My historical and emerging interests. I’ve created dozens of collections, but I currently only have seven. It seems that I create two types of collections - exploratory and established. For example, my Midwest Collection has been my oldest and largest. I think the reason the collection endures is because it represents my personal essence - I am a Chicagoan, so it is natural for me to approach the collection from past, present and future lenses. My Underground collection, though small, endures because I have always been into subculture, and I think it’s posts are potent enough not to warrant crowding. I recently added my Portfolio - a collection of my published media. The collection is unique because I can use it for business and recreation. It’s classy self-promotion because it not only highlights my contributions, but the platforms gracious enough to include me.

What collections you’re curating at the moment?

My newest collection is Pacific Culture. The collection is exploratory because it is conceptually unique to the West Coast and Mexico, but can meld into Underground because of its urban undercurrent. Policy is really on the cusp because it might spawn new collections like Internet Policy and/or Political Art - that’s what makes Mix so exciting - one post or collection can become several!


What are your favorite places to find content?

I am a voracious reader and writer, so any platform is fair game! However, some of my favorite sources are Synchronized Chaos, Resident Advisor, Soundcloud, Gridface and XLR8R.

Give him a follow on Mix @kahlilfx

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