Mix: All Your Favorite Things. All in One Place.

Mix: All Your Favorite Things. All in One Place.

Mix is the best way to explore the web and discover content you love from friends and experts you trust. Save what you like. Build shareable collections of articles, videos, and podcasts grouped by topic or interest — like “Infrared Photography” or “Traveling the World.”

The more content you save and people you follow, the more Mix learns what you like to show you even more personalized recommendations.

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Lessons from StumbleUpon to Mix

After careful consideration, we’ve made the decision to focus fully on building Mix. By focusing on social components and tools for human curation, we had the opportunity to start fresh. We’ve learned from SU that while simplicity and serendipity is important, so is enabling human curation (ie. “cute cafes in the US”) instead of just clicking “like” or a single button.

On StumbleUpon, more than 90% of the content stumbled was added by the community. This community of curators was an integral part of the StumbleUpon ecosystemHowever, there was no good way for us to surface and reward these power users who shared their favorites finds. On Mix, community is just as important in fueling content discovery. With new features like collections, profile pages, social components, and curator tools we'll be equipped with the right features to surface our curators, experts and people in this community.

How Mix Works

Mix combines social and semantic signals into one personalized, streamlined experience. It also makes it easier for people to organize content into meaningful collections. You can select to follow a person or just a handful of collections they’ve created that you’re interested in. 

When you sign into Mix, you'll see a For You stream of content. These are articles we’ve curated articles here from your selected interests and people or collections you follow. As you save, read, and follow we’ll get better out surfacing only the things you like. Over time, Mix learns not only how interested you are in a user’s content, but their specific collections as well. This means you can follow Dan and discover content he collects in his “Musing on Music” but can unsubscribe (or uncheck) to content he adds or saves to his “Politics” collection.

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How Mix is different than every other social platform

Popularity and your social following is definitely an important factor on social networks, but it will not be the only factor at Mix. We envision a network of communities with like-minded users where each of us can find the content we really care about.  Similar to StumbleUpon, we will still rely on users to submit the hidden gems across the Internet that may otherwise go undiscovered. Where we plan to improve this process is by surfacing certain hidden gems that resonate within specific communities. These hidden treasures may not appeal to mainstream audiences but could be extremely compelling within a certain community. Does “How to Attract Bees: An Easy Guide to a Bountiful Garden” sound interesting to you? Maybe not if you’re an urbanite who’s deathly allergic to bees. But for an avid gardner, it might be just what you’re looking for.

We achieve this by building our recommendation on top of users’ Collections, where they can organize content by a theme or topic, like “Raising Them Up Right” or “Musings on Music.” Over time, Mix comes to understand just how interested are in each of the Collections you follow. You might follow someone on Mix, but as a childless bachelor, maybe you only care about their additions to their photography collections but not their collections on parenting.

Our Curator Community on Mix

Content creators and bloggers play a significant role in our Mix ecosystem and for our growing community. As natural content curators, they know what people want to find, read, and save. Mix helps connect people to the content they’re interested in.

To encourage participation from this community, we’ve recently launched a program called the Curator Incentive Program. Content creators, bloggers, or experts in niche areas can apply to be part of this program and earn points for actions taken on Mix. Curator points can then be redeemed for featured placements on the site, in email, on social, and more! To apply to be a curator, you can fill out this form on our community site: Mix Curator Playbook

If you have any feedback, questions or if there is something you'd like to see please reach out to us. We're listening:

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