The Week's #5toFollow: Parenting

The Week's #5toFollow: Parenting

Having children is one of life's greatest gifts, but may very well be one of life's toughest jobs. It takes a village, right? Incase you need a parenting boost, check out and follow some of our favorite #MixMC moms who collect, post, and share some helpful advice. Whether you're trying to prevent that meltdown or just need some tips to get through the day - they have you covered.  

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Janice and Susan are twin bloggers and work-at-home moms. Along with their team of writers, they inspire, encourage & empower their readers with thoughtful articles on all things from parenting to blogging to food and more. We're lucky to have them curating their favorite finds on Mix. 

Collection of the Week: Parenting Tips for the Toughest

Runner Up: Kid Food

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Follow: @thekoalamomblog

The Koala Mom cultivates family togetherness for modern moms. Blogger Bonnie Way is a stay-at-home mom with five children under ten. She shares stories of daily motherhood, homeschooling, family travel, and family entertainment to encourage moms to keep their kids as close as koalas. She has a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Writing  as well as over a dozen years of blogging experience.

Collection of the Week: Kids

Runner Up: Mom Tips

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Alicia is the woman behind TheMomKind, a site dedicated to parents of neurodiverse families. She is an advocate for special needs and helps bring awareness to autism as well as neurodiversity. Her posts on the blog and in her collections help educate, involve and support so many families. Thanks Alicia <3

Collection of the Week: Autism Parenting 101

Runner Up: Parenting

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Meet Jean! She's one of our favorite Moms here at team Mix. Aside from being a bada$$ mom, Jean helps lead all things from marketing to PR to partnerships to copywriting at Mix. You can find her (and her kiddos) navigating the mean streets of NYC on scooter and collecting the best reads into all types of sweet collections from parenting to city living. 

Collection of the Week: The Parent Trap

Runner Up: #LikeABoss

Follow: @crayonscravings

Jaclyn is creative lifestyle blogger at Crayons & Cravings, she shares easy recipe and awesome craft ideas for busy mamas and their little ones. Her collections page is also filled with delicious recipes and cocktails to try.  

Collection of the Week: For the Kids

Runner Up: Babies

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Mix: All Your Favorite Things. All in One Place.