Building a Community on Mix

Building a Community on Mix

Mix gives you the opportunity to follow people or just collections that you're interested in. When someone you follow adds a page into Mix or a collection you follow is updated with new content it will appear in your  "For You" and your "Recently Added" feeds on the homepage.

Follow people that share things you like or just the collections (Mixes) you want to keep up with. Here are some tips of how to build your community on Mix and "meet" people with similar interests. 

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Follow other people and collections.

To ensure you see the types of articles you want to read when you go on Mix, follow topics, individuals, or collections you’re interested in. Most likely you'll get a follow back.

One trick to find your friends and followers who are already on Mix is to click on your followers and find faces your recognize. Then click on each of those profiles and click on the list of people they are following. Chances are high you will recognize some faces there.

Create interesting collections with creative titles and add good content into Mix.

Keep up Mixing great content from your blog and from around the web for other Mixers to discover, it will help you get more followers! One of our favorite curators created a blog post with 10 Best Practices for Bloggers on Mix. Here are some cliff notes:

Tip #1: Don't Add All of YOUR Content At Once. Add a couple of your own posts, and then add a variety of other blog posts from your blogging friends and other sites. I would suggest that you want to keep a ratio of about 20% your own content to 80% other sources.

Tip #2: Use Catchy Mix Names and Add Mix Descriptions. go through your Mixes and make the Mix names a little more creative – but still try to keep the main keyword in the name. For example, I changed my Appetizers Mix to be Appetizers To Impress Your Guests.

Tip #3Use Mix To Save Articles You Want To Read Later. Mix is a perfect way to bookmark posts you want to save to refer to later.

Share your Mix profile page or collections with friends. 

Show off your collections and what you're doing on Mix by sharing your collections on social or encourage people to follow you on Mix on your blog. Do you have a friend that would dig Mix? Tell your friends about Mix and give them your profile link.

Curator Incentive Program

Curator Incentive Program

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