Mix Curator Program

Mix Curator Program

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At Mix we love helping people discover, share, and save the best stuff on the web. We want to help you find the things you like and connect you to people that like the same things. We're making it easier for creatives and experts like you to show off your content curation skills.


We offer our curators opportunities to be featured in prime spots like the homepage, weekly emails, across social channels, in-feed, weekly contest, and more!


Weigh in on new features, site designs, and product launches. Get early access into any private betas or test groups.


Tell your friends, your community, and fellow curators about Mix and earn cash rewards for every sign-up!

Through the program you can earn points by creating collections, winning weekly collaborator contest, and more. Points (150 points) can be redeemed for access to the ambassador referral program.

How do I get Curator Points via the Curator Incentive Program?

  • Submit for our Weekly Collaborators (50 Points).

  • Create 3 New Collections each month with 6+ more links (100 points)

  • Submit a Featured Collection (100 points)

  • Get New 10 Followers a Month (50 points)

What can I do with my curator points?

Redeem them for spotlights, features, takeovers and referral program access.

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You can check out the full program here in the Curator Program Playbook

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Apply to be a Mix Curator: University Edition

Apply to be a Mix Curator: University Edition

MixMC Curator Leaderboard

MixMC Curator Leaderboard