Follow Your Passions. Find Your People.

Follow Your Passions. Find Your People.

It’s no secret that the internet is a really big place. There’s an infinite list of platforms and apps that help connect us to our friends, family, content, and the world today. On platforms like Instagram, you share pretty pictures of your life. Pinterest is an aspirational place where you find and plan your next project. Flipboard and Apple News are great places to see the latest headlines, while Twitter is a place to voice and share your opinions.

So, where does Mix fit in?

Mix is a place where you can collect your favorite reads from around the web and organize them into growing lists. People with similar interests can keep up by following you or just your lists (we call them collections) that they like.

By connecting people around interests and topics, our team is working make the internet feel a little bit smaller. When you create collections, save articles you love, and follow topics, interests or people, your feeds on Mix adapt to show you more of what you’re actually interested in, and less of what you’re not.

Want to know our very favorite part about Mix? It’s an amazing plan to dig into your interests and showcase the things you really love. You can save your favorite recipes, but it’s also a place where you can collect and share articles with your community that you find interesting — whether it’s your passion for all things aviation or just articles you will find useful on your upcoming trip to Cuba.

What do we mean?

Meet Dan! If you just took a look at his social profiles, you’d see that he loves his dog, wife and talking politics. But if you look on Mix, you get a better sense of the things he’s really into, like all things music — Musings on Music, Dank Music Videos, or  Music Business. Conan and Larry David make him laugh (check out his Short Lolz collection) and he loves going down internet rabbit holes of why things came to be, like daylight savings time? (see Wikipedia Wormholes).

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 3.26.21 PM.png

Wanna meet someone else?

Introducing Barry! He works remotely from the UK for a tech startup. He posts privately on Twitter or on Facebook… but if you take a look at his profile on Mix, you’ll find out that he loves sharing articles on just about everything having to do with motorcycles in his Moto Guzzi collection, collecting everything there is to know about Brian Eno, he also has a collection dedicated to typewriters that he still loves to use and plenty more.

When Dan and Barry save things to their collections, we bubble up the articles that they save to other people who like the same things and people that follow you. It’s the magic of human curation paired with a dash of machine learning.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be putting the spotlight on people just like them — people who use Mix as their go-to place to curate, share and find articles that they love online.

What would your Mix look like?

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