3 Tips for Sharing Collections with Your Community

3 Tips for Sharing Collections with Your Community

Collections are the best way to share a list of your favorite links with others. Add articles, videos, and web pages that you’re interested into collections to organize your links. You can add anything to a collection by clicking the orange plus icon.

1. Be creative! Add an interesting and descriptive title.

Make your collections stand out among the rest, use fun or interesting names. Collections you create can show up in someone’s ‘For You’ feed. Here’s a few examples:

 “Nothing but Net” vs. The Internet

All Things Brain” vs. Mental Health

Healthy Eating” vs. Recipes

Working Moms Rock” vs. Kids

2. Personalize collections by selecting a cover photo and description.

You can set a cover photo for your collection and add a description using the edit button when on the collections page.

Tip: The photo you select and your description will populate in your share image on social channels.

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 7.40.29 AM.png

3. Continue to grow and update your collections
Good collections include a variety of webpages from different places and sources. They also aren’t a finished product, they continue to grow over time with your favorite finds, reads, and posts. Continuously adding to a collection will encourage people to Follow along to keep up with all of your most recent saves.

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